Blue is a color.

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You might notice I will make references to Bill Maher now and then on my blog. That’s because I love the guy. I can’t always say the same about his guests, or audience for that matter.

As I was watching some of the older episodes on Youtube, I stumbled upon this:

So, to summarize the argument in one sentence: just because not all cops are murderers, it doesn’t mean we can’t observe an overall problem underlying police culture. The liberal audience claps like seals at these deep words of wisdom. Does that remind you of something? Anything? Well, let me remind you.

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Merry Atheist Christmas

It happened about 15 years ago. My boss came up to me on the morning of Christmas Eve and asked, “What is your religion?”

“None,” I answered.

He insisted, “What were you raised as?”


“Well, Merry Christmas anyway,” he said, and shook my hand.

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CSI: Cyber. A Tale of Two Episodes.

I loved the original CSI, aka CSI: Las Vegas. Didn’t really follow the other two. Now that the first show had concluded I decided to give a try to the latest one. While the original show made science cool before The Big Gang Bang Theory, specifically forensic  science, it didn’t really offer a whole lot of commentary on social issues. The new spin-off CSI: Cyber is clearly taking a different stance. However, it seems they haven’t made up their mind on which side they want to take a stand. Or perhaps they are deliberately playing both sides. We shall see.

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I support Bahar Mustafa, kinda-sorta.

This is the first post on my blog. A very similar article first appeared on AVFM. The original article was submitted on October 07, 2015 and published on December 1st, making some statements outdated at publication time. With the benefit of hindsight and commentary from AVFM readers, this is the updated article.

So, the lovely lady that miraculously still serves[i] as welfare,  and diversity officer at Goldsmiths, University of London was charged for her alleged hate speech in #killallwhitemen hashtag. To be more specific, charges of sending a threatening letter or communication or sending by public communication network an offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing message. Some news sources also incorrectly reported that she was arrested, when, in fact, she was issued a summons. Someone who is familiar with the domestic violence meat grinder could be forgiven for not knowing that charges don’t always equal arrest.

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