Blue is a color.

Featured Image by Kecko on Flickr, used under license
(Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic/CC BY 2.0)

You might notice I will make references to Bill Maher now and then on my blog. That’s because I love the guy. I can’t always say the same about his guests, or audience for that matter.

As I was watching some of the older episodes on Youtube, I stumbled upon this:

So, to summarize the argument in one sentence: just because not all cops are murderers, it doesn’t mean we can’t observe an overall problem underlying police culture. The liberal audience claps like seals at these deep words of wisdom. Does that remind you of something? Anything? Well, let me remind you.

I have never said that all cops are murderers. I have never said that all Muslims are terrorists. And yet, here are the liberal double standards hard at work again. Any criticism of police culture doesn’t get equated to bigotry by the regressive left. Yet, any criticism of Islam gets shut down by the less than profound observation that not all Muslims are murderers.

I had long believed that there is a fundamental problem with the police. Doing this tough job requires immense trust and loyalty to fellow officers. But when the loyalty to each other exceeds the loyalty to the job description, to serve and protect, we have a problem.  Whether or not all, or most, or majority, or whatever portion of police officers are power-tripping lunatics getting off on abuse of authority is irrelevant. The blue wall of silence protects the few bad apples. In that atmosphere, a small fraction of genuine psychopaths can do immense damage.

Now try it with the shoe on the other foot.

Fundamentalist interpretation of Islam is irreconcilable with the most basic freedoms that liberals supposedly hold dear. Freedom of religion is explicitly prohibited to Muslims. Once a Muslim, bound to be a Muslim for the rest of your life, or face death. There is a consensus among Islamic scholars on this, backed up by specific verses of the Qur’an.

Qur’an (4:89) – “They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.”

Freedom of speech is prohibited not only to Muslims, but to anyone living side by side with them. And what is the liberal response? “Oh, but you do have freedom of speech, as long as you just don’t…” – please do fuck off. When French cartoonists get slaughtered, we parade around for a few days with those giant pencil props, then remind ourselves that with freedom comes responsibility and go back to appeasing the unappeasable.

In the leftist crazyland, as long as less than 100% of Muslims takes this literally, I’m not allowed to have a problem with this. Anyone discussing these issues must preface with a protracted explanation that the problem is with extremists, not with Muslims. What kind of extremists? Well, some sort of strange free-floating extremists. It is not like their extremism can be derived from reading a single book.

The Bible also contains some truly horrendous moral teaching. Some morons at the Westboro Baptist Church take it literally. The regressive leftists feel quite comfortable expressing well-deserved disdain for that. When you try to hold Islam to the same standard, those same regressives will bark at you that you need to educate yourself and not judge a religion by a few morons. They will mouth off to you that every religion has its extremists and remind you of the murdered abortion doctors, as if I would forget it without their help. And yet, they do not even hold the Jihadists to the same standard, until they actually murder someone. When that happens, you are briefly allowed to say a few mildly critical words about the actions of the Islamists, but not the ideas that underlie those actions.

Not all cops are murderers, not all Christian are Westboro Baptists, not all Muslims are violent Jihadists. So why is it that only one of these groups is protected from criticism?


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